Member, Swiss Institute of Architects
Member, Swiss Federation of Architects
Member, Geneva Architects Association

Academic Background:
1949-51 School of Architecture, University of Ljubljana
1951-54 Schools of Architecture, Universities of Vienna and Stockholm
1954-56 School of Architecture, Princeton University
1956-58 Graduate School of Architecture, Princeton
1970-72 Member, Canton of Geneva Planning Commission
1982-92 Member, Canton of Geneva Expropriation Commission
Degrees and Honours:
1956 Bachelor's Degree in Arts, Princeton
1956 High Honours, Princeton
1958 Master's Degree in Architecture, Princeton
1958 University Fellowship, Princeton
1990-99 Trustee, HFF Foundation, Boston
Research and Teaching Experience:
1956-57 Curtain Wall Research, Princeton
1961-62 Visiting Lecturer, University of Michigan
1964-65 Visiting Lecturer, University of Colorado
1994 Lecture Circuit, Universities of Idaho, Oregon and California
Working and Administrative Experience:
1951-51 Office of Dr. Hans Sekkler, Architect, Vienna
1952-53 U.S. Consulate, Zagreb
1953-54 Office of Hans Asplund, Architect, Stockholm
1955-55 Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, AIA, New York
1956-56 Office of Gardner Dailey, AIA, San Francisco
1957-57 Office of Vegas y Galia, Architects, Caracas
1959-59 Architectural Consultant, IBEC, San Juan, PR
1959-68 Office of Gampert, Hacin and Oberson, Geneva
1968-71 Office of Hacin and Oberson, SIA/FAS, Geneva
1978-83 Director, Optimum Habitat Ltd., London
1985-98 Director, Landengardi SA, Geneva
1982-86 Director, Cryophysics SA, Geneva
1991-97 Director, Illyrco Holding SA, Geneva and Ljubljana
1990-98 President, HFF Foundation, Boston


 " Architect looking for inspiration "

1958* Bas de Perron, Geneva: Mention
1959* Congress Hall, Ascona: 1st Prize
1959* High School, Neuchatel: 2nd Prize
1964* Congress Hall, Lugano: Mention
1964* Downtown Planning, Montreux: 1st Prize
1964* Downtown Planning, Neuchatel: 2nd Prize
1976 Youth Centre, Geneva: Mention
1983 Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Geneva: 1st Prize
1984 Cultural Centre, Meyrin: Mention
1985* Administrative Centre, SIG: Mention
2002** Railroad Station Complex, Ljubljana: 1stPrize 

note*   in association
note** as consultant